The power to heal yourself

You know that old saying “fake it, until you make it”, well there might be some truth to that. In fact, what if your really could heal yourself, would you believe it? Many would say that “super hero” movies like the popular Marvel comic movies like Thor or Doctor Strange are not real, yet they inspire us to become a better version of ourselves. Doctor Strange is a hard headed Doctor who refuses to understand logic and feels he knows it all. One could say thats a direct reflection of us.

But as we grow and evolve into our own consciousness, we begin to realize that our own health truly is at our finger tips. Meditation REALLY does help. Our chakra alignment really is critical to our overall health. The power to conquer our own mind has never been more important. Our bodies have been trying to get our attention for years and our lack of listening or understanding created a vacuum for obesity and poor health. It’s time we took back our health and start to educate ourselves on our bodies and how we can help ourselves, appreciate ourselves and most importantly, LOVE ourselves!